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My short biography

My name is Shantelle Hughes I am 17 years old and I originated from Melbourne.

My biggest ambition in life would be to become an international model and travel the world. I have always been very interested in fashion; I enjoy design and creating my own look I also enjoy designing and applying make up to myself and others.

Ever since I was little I have always been inspired by models and how much posies they have and how every turn or move is perfected. The reasons why I love modelling are because in just one photo you can tell a story though your eyes and by the emotions it displays.

Ever since I have starting modelling it has change my life completely, I am now a lot more comfortable to stand in front of the camera and not be shy to smile or just make a pose my own style. I all so want to me a role model to other girls that have the same dream as me and show them that it can be done. 

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  • Shantelle, thank you for your great job in the photoshoot. Apart from your professionalism and your gorgeous look; you were great fun to work with! It was a great find for model with right attitude and creativity.
    Paul Roberts - Primodels
  • Shantelle, Thank you so much for representing the brand so well. It was an pleasure to work with you.
    Marta Healy